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Opening soon... Lounge & Annex

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Read about Ryozan Park life from residents, tenants, members, and friends of RZP! Shared living, coworking, private offices, and daycare in Tokyo.

Opening soon... Lounge & Annex

Ryozan Park

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通算6つ目のシェアオフィスがオープン 新規コワーキング会員募集 

山手線、三田線、巣鴨駅徒歩3分。日本庭園六義園からもほど近い閑静な場所に新たなコワーキングスペース、「Annex」と「Lounge」が2カ所誕生します。会員になられた方はJR大塚駅徒歩3分の場所にあるRYOZAN PARK大塚も自由にお使い頂けます。





月額15,000円の均一料金にて、会員様は巣鴨および大塚でのコワーキングスペース全てを、無制限にご利用頂けます。もちろん様々なセミナー、イベントにも参加できます。 オープンを記念し、2019年3月までにご契約の方は新規会員の登録料を半額とさせていただきます。



RYOZAN PARK will open TWO new co-working spaces in early 2019. See below for a sneak peek, and stay tuned for details of our opening party and free trial week.

RYOZAN PARK: Annex and RYOZAN PARK: Lounge, both located 3 mins from Sugamo station on the JR Yamanote line, are designed to have a symbiotic relationship: Annex is subdued and sophisticated, equipped with all you need for quiet, focussed work or study (meeting room, phone booths, small kitchenette), while the maximalist, cafe-style Lounge is the place to go for brainstorming, hosting clients, or to be inspired by the energy of the group. Lounge will host a variety of food and drink pop-ups, and will include exclusive seating for members as well as public cafe space.

For ¥15,000 per month, members have unlimited access to community events and all co-working spaces in Sugamo and Otsuka. To celebrate the launch, we are offering FREE REGISTRATION through the month of January.

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