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Kosodate Village

Family friendly coworking space in Tokyo. 2mins from JR Otsuka station. Facilities include large kitchen and tatami dining room, spacious playroom, sleeping and nursing rooms, and other childcare amenities.

kosodate village 

English preschool opening in April 2018!

It takes a village to raise a child.


A fully equipped co-working space featuring a large kitchen and tatami dining room, spacious playroom, sleeping and nursing rooms, and other childcare amenities. Check out the floor plan.

FREE registration until August 31st!


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PLEASE NOTE: 2 trial visits are necessary before membership. Please book 5 days in advance.

rachel's story


My mother is a diligent and thorough curator of her family’s history. For each of her five children she has kept scrapbooks containing locks of hair from our first trim, first words, creative efforts, school report cards, extracurricular achievements, and our evolving ambitions. The records show an interesting pattern in my aspirations. At age six I wanted to become a paediatrician and a mummy; at seven, an actress and a mummy, at eight, a lawyer and a mummy; at age nine, a newscaster and a mummy. By age ten I had decided to become prime minister of Great Britain. Well, there is still time…

I took it for granted that I would enjoy a rich and rewarding career and the joys of motherhood in tandem. It wasn’t until I entered the latter half of my twenties and watched my female friends and colleagues having to choose between work and home that I realised it might not be so easy. In Japan, most working women tend to be faced with a straight choice between full-time childcare or full-time motherhood. But what if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could take your child to the office, and have him play nearby with professional caregivers while you work? What if you could pursue your career and make sure you never miss a first word or a first step, where you can breastfeed your child when she is are hungry and still make your deadlines on time? This is the third option offered by Ryozan Park Otsuka: Family. Parents who have flexible hours, can work remotely, are self-employed freelancers, or who want to undertake study during child-care leave, can pursue their professional goals supported by a network of like-minded families and childcare specialists in a bright, comfortable environment specially created to fit the needs of working parents and their young children.

We have created RZP Family based on a personal ideal. We invite you to grow it with us through community, friendship, and collaboration.