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イベントスぺース | Event Space



Host your event at RZP: we can accommodate lectures, workshops, private parties, fund-raisers, video & photo shoots, exhibitions, pop-up shops, movie-screenings, exercise & dance classes, weight-training, cooking classes, tea ceremony, BBQs, music recitals and many more.

Prices start from ¥7,000 per hour and are negotiable depending on your plan. Fill out the form below and let's start planning your event! (Discounts available for RZP members.)

ホワイトルーム(巣鴨) | The White Room (Sugamo)

20170603_RyozanPark_Sugamo+(18) (1).jpg

RZP巣鴨の地下にあるThe White Roomは、広さ160㎡で専用入り口とジムスペースのご用意があります。設備に関するPDFはこちらからご確認ください。

Located at the basement of RZP Sugamo, The White Room is a 160 square metre multi-functional space with private entrance and a gym/weight room. Check out the amenities available in the white room here

ファミリー&テラス(大塚)| Seventh Floor & Rooftop Terrace (Otsuka)

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RZP大塚にある Family は広さ166㎡で、調理用具の揃ったキッチンも完備しており、週末と平日夕方以降からお使い頂けます。屋上テラスとBBQセットのご利用はオプション料金となります。設備に関するPDFはこちらからご確認ください。

Located at RZP Otsuka, the seventh floor is a 166 square metre space with a fully equipped kitchen available on weekends and evenings. Access to the rooftop terrace and use of the BBQ is available at additional cost. Check out the amenities here and feel free to enquire about anything not listed that you might need.

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