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Our private booths in Sugamo have a warm and welcoming atmosphere made with natural wood and sustainable materials. A comfortable and cosy space where you can immerse yourself and focus on work.

If you want to take a break from your booth. You’re welcome to use the GRAND co-working space downstairs. It’s the perfect casual spot to get your creativity flowing.

• Monthly rent ¥35,000 +tax
• Includes utility and maintenance fees
• Available to use 24 hours
• Use of the first-floor coworking space for FREE (usual cost is ¥19,800/month)
• Business address/registration (¥7,700/month →free)
• Locker (¥3,300/month →free)

• Meeting rooms from ¥1,650 per hour (you can also use the smaller meeting room in Annex for ¥1,100 per hour)
• Other facilities: Wi-Fi, kitchenette, multifunction printer, conference room, meeting pods, phone booths, FREE tea and coffee

*Prices excluding tax



The effects of COVID-19 has brought about a need for individuals to adapt to new working styles and locations. You can rent your own private booth in our bright workspace in Otsuka as an individual or as part of a team.

Private booth members are also free to use the CORE co-working space. It’s a great balance of spaces: sometimes you want to concentrate on certain tasks, and other times you might prefer to have the buzz of people around you!

• Private booth rental is available for ¥35,000/month +tax
• Includes utilities and common service fees
• Available to use 24 hours
• Use of 6F coworking space (usual price ¥16,500 /month)
• Business address/registration (¥7,700 /month → free)

• Meeting rooms from ¥1,000 /hour
• Other facilities include Wi-Fi, kitchenette, multifunction printer, meeting rooms, FREE tea and coffee

*Prices excluding tax

Our Locations


A relaxed and well-connected neighbourhood in Northern Tokyo, Sugamo’s highlights include the Jizo Dori shopping arcade, Rikugien, a traditional Japanese garden and the natural hot springs at Sakura Onsen.


From its excellent izakayas bursting with character and history, volunteer-tended rose beds that line the charming Toden-Arakawa tram line, and open-air events at the newly built plaza outside the station, a strong sense of community binds this northern Tokyo hub.

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”

Leo Tolstoy
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