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A Community is a Living Thing

“Life is better shared”

Welcome to Ryozan Park

As an international family communicating in three languages, we understand the rewards that come with diverse perspectives.

It has been wonderful to see the place where our family has lived for 100 years invigorated by new ideas, cultures, and friendship since Ryozan Park opened. Families have blossomed, and individuals flourished in a vibrant community that believes in collaboration, work-life balance and equality. A community is a living thing, and ours continues to evolve, year on year, growing in texture and richness with each new member.

We look forward to meeting you,

The Takezawas.

Meet the Team

What I love about Ryozan Park is…

Noritaka & Rachel


Nori: … the alchemy that happens when you put like-minded individuals in a stimulating environment: new ways of thinking, new values, new ways of working, new collaborations and even new families are created.

Rachel: … living in a village-style community, where support, ideas and good times are readily available.


Ryozan Park Preschool Director

… it’s a place where everyone, from children to adults, can grow through their connection to one another. I love that it’s a place outside of the family home where you can say ‘I’m back!” and everyone welcomes you warmly.


Community Manager

… being surrounded by friends that support you through challenges. It’s also a place where you can learn about child care, culture and social issues. That’s Ryozan Park: a place where I feel I’m always growing.


Incubation Manager

… it’s a community of people who make life decisions based on their own standards rather than the norm. Themes of life, work and personal growth can be explored while extending both global and local networks.

Kuv Ahmad


Marketing & Incubation Manager

… being part of a community that genuinely cares for each other. And it’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who work across a variety of sectors. It makes working here feel like I’m doing something for the benefit of the area and for the next generation.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Ken Blanchard
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