Working With LIFE.14

LIFE.14 founder Antony Tran has worked with RYOZAN PARK since 2017. 

The construction of Annex and Lounge had just been completed when we were looking for someone to take photos of the spaces. Antony and the team at LIFE.14 came through with an excellent portfolio and instantly understood what we were looking for. 

Antony and his team take great care to ensure that every shot is delivered perfectly and on time, every time. We’ve been very impressed with the team’s work ethic and their understanding of our spaces, how they work and of our community. We’ve also used LIFE.14’s services for videos which you can see below. And coming soon, we’ll have 360° photos taken so you can take a virtual tour around all our spaces in Sugamoa nd Otsuka. 

We often say that RYOZAN PARK is like a campus—there are many different parts to it and it can be hard to visualise that. Having great photos definitely helps bring that vision to life. 

Check out LIFE 14’s website for photography and video services and get in touch with us for information about coworking spaces and event rentals.

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