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Originally based in France as a movement to bring together startups, investors, policymakers, and community builders to launch and grow sustainable businesses. Known officially as La French Tech, the Tokyo team led by Ugo Bataillaird and Sophie Meralli are aiming to redefine the movement and breathe new life into the community.


Connecting the French Community to the Tokyo Startup Scene 

Before the pandemic, the usual number of FTT participants was around 100 for each event. Their events included career events looking to recruit bilingual talent in Japan, Responsible Digital Innovation for collaboration with large corporations, and meet and greets for professionals to connect in Japan and all over the world. 

What many people might not understand is that FTT is more than just a group for networking. The organization was founded to help French entrepreneurs in Japan and globally. FTT offers membership which grants visibility for members through their SNS channels and offers financial support through crowdfunding and government grants. Members can apply for sponsorship for events, marketing, exchange programs, acceleration, and event space location. 


The main concern was finding a way to help members see FTT as more than simply a space for networking. Despite the many benefits of FTT’s membership, most members are vastly unaware of them 

French Tech Toyo events are hosted in the RYOZAN PARK Lounge in Sugamo. For more information about co-working and events get in touch with us through our contact form.

Join this wonderful community of French expats with French Tech Tokyo.
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